Learn to drive with Avanti

Do you need to take driving lessons or you just want to sharpen up your driving skills, we from Avanti Verkeersschool are here to guide you in the right way. We have fully qualified English speaking instructors at our disposal who are not only experienced in their own right but also very patient.

Our instructors constantly improve their skills to the latest driving procedures whereby necessary safety methods provide the underlying ground. Not only do our instructors focus attention on their own teaching skills, they also pay closely attention to you as the student.

Proper explanation in English of every driving aspect according to your level of experience is part of the program you follow. Besides that, during the lessons we focus on all relevant skills so that you become a safe and self-assured driver which in turn will help you to pass your practical exam.

Some of the relevant skills we focus on during the course are: position on the road, blind spots, properly moving and stopping, safety, right speed, parallel parking, position on the road, hill-stop, reverse driving and a lot more. All will be taught at your own pace. According to level of experience and needs we carry different packages at different rates.

If you would like to have more information about our driving lessons or you just want to speak someone, please fill out our contact form or call 010-4673820. We will be very happy to assist you.

Car licence


Lesson price per 100 minutes


Practical exam

1st Exam (excl. car rental)

€ 225,-

Re-examination (excl. car rental)

€ 225,-

Bno examen (excl. car rental)

€ 250,-

Interim test (excl. car rental)

€ 150,-


  • All packages are exclusive of CBR practical exam and car rental

6 week crash course € 816,-

24 lessons each 50 minutes (12 block classes)
Prerequisite: 2 teaching blocks per week

8 week crash course € 1020,-

30 lessons each 50 minutes (15 block classes)
Prerequisite: 2 teaching blocks per week

10 week crash course € 1.360,-

40 lessons each 50 minutes (20 block classes)
Prerequisite: 2 teaching blocks per week

Motorcycle licence

l0 lessons 45 minutes each + AVB exam € 430,00

10 lessons 45 minutes each + AVD exam € 599,00

Trail price each 90 minutes

€ 75,00

AVB exam

€ 140,00

1st AVD exam

€ 270,00

AVD re-examination

€ 270,00

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